Photo by Skylar Graham

Featuring student photographers: Skylar Graham, Caitlin Chung, Penny Juarez, Abe Kaye, Jay Lassiter, Lauren Nehorai, Mimi Offor, Grace Swift

Presented By

Harvard Westlake and On-Sight Aperture

Moderated by

Joe Medina and Alice Proujansky









Photo educator Joe Medina and his students will share how they worked with Aperture teaching artist Alice Proujansky and the Aperture On Sight curriculum as a touchstone to help teenagers develop Sense of Place photography projects and initiate a photo based collaboration between two very different school cultures in Los Angeles titled #YOURTURN.

This panel is part of Photoville LA Education Day, and open only to participants of this program. To learn more and register, please go here.


Students from the private Harvard-Westlake School collaborated with students from the Humanitas Academy of Art and Technology (HAAT,) a public high school in East LA, for “A Sense of Community,” a 21st-century, vibrant documentary portrait of where “we” live, covering a wide range of territory–from teenagers on the west side of Los Angeles to teenagers living in Boyle Heights.

This collaboration is directed by Joe Medina, photography teacher at Harvard-Westlake, and Adriana Yugovich, photography teacher at HAAT. For the purposes of #YOURTURN our students have used the medium of photography to cross the external physical borders in the city of Los Angeles and identify the borders created within themselves.



Between: Long-term Personal Projects

Featuring Student artists from venicearts: Julissa, Silvia Curiel, Ashley Sanchez, Lilia Destin, Lorraine Gutierrez, Kayla M.

Panelists will present and discuss their projects, which range from: coming of age as an LGBTQ person, escaping domestic violence, and a young person growing up on the cusp of two cultures, Oaxacan and American.

Esta Soy Yo, Self-Exploration through Photography

Featuring Las Fotos Project’s Youth: Greisy Hernandez, Romi Estrada, and Maria Romero

Hear from teen photographers featured in the Esta Soy Yo exhibition at Photoville Los Angeles and join a conversation on understanding identity, learning photography, and affirming the importance of creative expression.

Get to Know Yourself and the World via Street Photography

Featuring student photographers: Persia Coffer, Andrea Maldonado, and Anvaya Pande

Hear from our featured middle-school students who have learned the skills of Street Photography as a way to know their world, and the world around them, better.