With Water, Without Water

Featuring: Alex Sher, Amy Tierney, Caleb Knueven, Chris Sattlberger, David Zentz, Denise Crew, Dennis Keeley, Gerard Burkhart, Grant Moxley, Ian Spanier, J. Michael Tucker, L. Aviva Diamond, Logan Miller, Maggie Shannon, Matthew Anderson, Melissa Roldan, Molly Peters, Nancy Kaye, Roger Wyan, Sonya Naumann, Stefanos Metaxas, Valerie Kim

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Nancy Kaye

With Water/Without Water is a group exhibition by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) members that collectively tells the story of the importance to California of this vital but limited resource.

While the state has a plethora of coastline and beaches that people flock to for recreation, freshwater is less abundant. As the nation’s leader in agriculture, its farm production is increasingly threatened by the state’s limited freshwater.

Water—or the lack of it—affects us in endless ways. First and foremost, it is essential for all life. But beyond basic sustenance, water contributes to sanitation and hygiene, beauty in the landscape, and agriculture. Water is often in the forefront of Californians’ thoughts.

At times of drought, water use is restricted and fires sweep through open spaces and populated areas alike. When rain finally comes, its arrival is greeted with relief, but sometimes concern where mudslides or flooding are potential threats.

Water, an integral component of our lives, is sometimes forgotten in our urbanized existence. This project will serve to remind the viewer of water’s importance, illustrating the multifaceted role of water in California life—from its integral role in sustaining us to the beauty it creates around us.


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