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Featuring: André Feliciano

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How to find freedom in our daily visual journey? We photograph our breakfast and it has to look tasty. We photograph ourselves and we have to look good. Photography can become a tool of judgment. How do we get some freedom in this system?

André Feliciano’s work thinks about our photographic connection to the world, suggesting a kind of photography where nature is the photographer and we can pose without judgment.

When a flower takes a picture, we are free from our typical daily photography constraints and we can develop a new kind of freedom in our photographic life.


André Feliciano is a Brazilian-born artist working between São Paulo and New York City with a passionate interest in cultivating art, nature, and togetherness in multiple forms.

Feliciano received a BFA from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, São Paulo, Brazil and received two Masters’ Degrees, one in Arts Education and the other in Poéticas Visuais, from São Paulo University.

André has exhibited work internationally, published several books, and spent the past year developing educational programs for Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun Foundation in Berlin. Feliciano has coined the term Floraissance whereby he interrogates the future of Contemporary Art.

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