Past Tense: California

Featuring: Nikki Arai, Bill Beebe, Bob Martin, David Muench, Bill Nation, Librado Romero, Gary Settle, Julius Shulman, Edward Sievers, Sandy Solmon, Michael Tweed, Paul R. Williams collection, Bob Willoughby, Marilynn K. Yee, Teresa Zabala, Globe Photos, The New York Times, Associated Press, United Press International.

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The New York Times

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Nakyung Han

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With Past Tense: California, a new archival storytelling project of The New York Times, we are mining our vast photo library for vivid narratives and compelling characters from the past.

To begin, we looked to California. What can we see through the long lens of history, and how did distance shape our coverage across the 20th century? The images in this project reveal a state where history, memory, hard facts and emotional truth connect and collide.

To enhance these photographs’ value as artifacts and research tools, we are presenting these images with some of the metadata from the reverse side of each print.

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