woman floating in a pool face down


woman floating in a pool face down

Featuring: Tami Bahat, Nancy Baron, Ellen Cantor, Tracy L Chandler, Bootsy Holler, Sandra Klein, Lori Pond, Brandy Trigueros, Jonas Yip, Maureen Bond, Julia Dean, Ken Deemer, Thouly Dosios, Gail Just, Ali Le Roi, Safi Alia Shabaik, Kevin Weinstein

Presented By

LA Center for Photography

Curated By

Julia Dean, Aline Smithson

The Los Angeles Center of Photography has vibrant fine art and street shooting program and we are so proud that many of our participants have gone on to receive international critical acclaim. We are celebrating a handful of those photographic artists in our Made In LA Exhibition.


The Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization devoted to advancing the skills and increasing the personal enrichment of photographers for all experience levels and ages.

The LACP offers about 150 photography classes, workshops and community events throughout the year while supporting artists through group and individual gallery shows as well as four annual contests and exhibitions.

LACP attracts some of the most well-known and respected photographers in the world, including Cig Harvey, Sam Abell, Greg Gorman, Douglas Kirkland,  and Joe McNally.

Actively involved in community outreach, LACP is committed to supporting other nonprofits which aid underserved youth, including the Variety Boys and Girls Club, Spark Program , Hollywood HEART and Pablove Shutterbugs.

We are celebrating the best in street and fine art photography with work created in the classrooms at LACP.

The artists featured have walked the streets as well as the recesses of their imaginations to create stellar imagery that reflect the exciting array of approaches and subject matter that LACP inspires.

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