Keepin’ It Simple Photowalk with Lauren Koplowitz

Saturday, May 4th | 2PM – 3.30PM

Location: Leica Pavilion

Life’s complicated; let Lauren Koplowitz show you how slowing down & seeing beauty where others many not can create meaningful photos from the mundane.


Lauren Koplowitz was born & raised in Miami, Florida. A lover of light, sunshine & color she began at an early age to document life with her camera. To Lauren as a young child, a camera was a magical time machine able to freeze a moment to be forever preserved. To this day she feels much the same way, and aims to document life in Miami and on its beaches.Lauren’s work has been feautred in publications such as Cultured Magazine, El Nuevo Herald, & JW Magazine. She has also been featured on Martha Stewart’s Real Weddings website. Lauren has had the honor of photographing dignitaries such as the former Prime Minister of Spain, as well as a former Presidential candidates. Her work is a part of the permanent collections at the Aqualina Mansions, as well as, the Miami Beach AC Marriott where it is also featured as the official postcard of the hotel.