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Featuring: Justin Bettman

An ongoing art project by Justin Bettman, #SetintheStreet consists of elaborate interior room sets created and built in public places.


Featuring: Various Artists

#ThisIs18 aims to capture what life is like for 18-year-old girls across oceans and cultures. The project was shot entirely by other young women, ages 17 to 22.

1992-2017—East Side Stories

Featuring: Joseph Rodríguez

East Side Stories puts a human face to gang members in Los Angeles while in their homes and with their families.

A Love Letter from the Pearl to the Game of Baseball

Featuring: Ssekidde Julius

The distinctly American sport of baseball was introduced to Uganda in the 1990’s by missionaries and it attracted large numbers of youngsters eager to pick up bats and balls.

A Possible River

Featuring: Roberto “Bear” Guerra

Following the Los Angeles River from its origin to the sea, A Possible River is a meditation on Southern California’s most poignant symbol of human efforts to dominate the natural environment in the pursuit of development.


Featuring: Cassils, with Robin Black

In Alchemic, Cassils presents their gold-painted, muscular body as a philosophical homage to Robert Mapplethorpe’s classically beautiful Male Nudes and Statuary series.

ALTAR: Prayer, Ritual, Offering

Featuring: Various Artists

ALTAR: Prayer, Ritual, Offering engages photography as a practice containing attributes and religious traditions of Africa and its diaspora.

At Home: In the American West

Featuring: Various Artists

At Home: In the American West, an extension of The California Sunday Magazine’s December 2018 issue, features work from 20 emerging and established photographers exploring the theme of Home across the American West.

Becoming An Image

Featuring: Cassils, with Manuel Vason

Becoming an Image is a piece that works at the interstices of performance, photography, and sculpture.


Featuring: Various Artists

Between represents work by Venice Arts advanced photography students who, for over a year have been working on intimate storytelling.

California Calamities: A State of Emergency

Featuring: Various Artists

During the past two years, California has experienced some of the deadliest calamities in the state’s 169-year history.

Caught in Conflict

Featuring: Giles Clarke, Vincent Tremeau

Women and children suffer war in ways that men don’t. Humanitarian assistance is not just the provision of food and water in war time.


Featuring: Tim Kopra

Tim’s photography reflects our planet’s beauty from the unique perspective of space.

Clubhouse Turn

Featuring: Michele Asselin

The series Clubhouse Turn (2013-2016) is the final documentation of the historic landmark of a quickly vanishing Los Angeles—Hollywood Park-and its community, before its demolition.

Collection of Animated Short films by CalArts Character Animation Students

Featuring: Various Artists

CalArts presents a collection of individually-made animated short films made by Character Animation Students.


Featuring: Lara Jo Regan

Lara Jo Regan’s large-scale environmental installation takes the viewer on an noirish spin, disrupting our perspective of minimum wage workers and the fast-food experience.

Esta Soy Yo, A Retrospective of Las Fotos Project’s Teen Self Portraits

Featuring: Various Artists

Esta Soy Yo is a landmark retrospective of Las Fotos Project’s youth self-portraits created over the course of eight years, reflecting each girls’ individuality and photographic creativity.


Featuring: Naomi Harris

EUSA is a series of photos of American themed places around Europe and European themed places in the U.S. and is a reaction to the homogenization of European and American cultures, a direct result of globalization.

Faces Never Forgotten

Featuring: Muna Malik

Faces Never Forgotten offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of Somalis living in Somaliland, a nation shrouded in misconceptions and myths.

Forced Migration: There and Here

Featuring: Brian L. Frank

Photo reportage and portraiture highlighting the common humanity among those fleeing violence south of California and environmental refugees arriving from the north.

Fourth Grade Project

Featuring: Judy Gelles

The mission of the Fourth Grade Project is to achieve greater empathy and understanding by documenting and sharing the hopes and fears of fourth graders around the world.

Freedom of Expression: Art Instruction in California Prisons

Featuring: Peter Merts

Photos of California state prison inmates, both male and female, engaged in making art—including visual, performance, and literary forms.

Fumi Ishino

Featuring: Fumi Ishino

Fumi’s piece explores how the often discarded images and objects of the everyday engage with visual strategies of reality, make believe, desire and detachment.

Glasshouse of New Americans

Featuring: Jill Enfield

A glasshouse of wet plate collodion portraits of New American immigrants illustrating that we are all immigrants and “those in glasshouses should not throw stones.”

Katie’s New Face

Featuring: Maggie Steber and Lynn Johnson

Katie’s New Face takes viewers inside the groundbreaking face transplant that gave a young woman a second chance at life.

Kings & Queens in Their Castles

Featuring: Tom Atwood

Kings & Queens in Their Castles has been called one of the most ambitious photo series ever conducted of the LGBTQ experience in the USA.

L.A. Gente (L.A. People)

Featuring: Pablo Unzueta

In Los Angeles, street vending food is at the center of political marginalization while also bridging lives together.

Living in Sanctuary

Featuring: Cinthya Santos Briones

A long-term project documenting individuals living in sanctuary across the US––the last alternative for keeping families together while they fight for a suspension of deportation.


Featuring: Various Artists

Made in LA celebrates photography created by members of the Los Angeles Center of Photography including work from the street and fine art arenas.

Malike Sidibe – Portraits Series

Featuring: Malike Sidibe

For my portrait series, I wanted to create photographs that are free of cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender boundaries.

Of Love and War

Featuring: Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario’s Of Love and War is a photography book with stunning images she has made while reporting from crisis and war zones all across the world.

OYAKO (Japanese parents & children)

Featuring: Bruce Osborn

OYAKO, a series on Japanese parents and children, explores how culture changes and adapts as it moves from one generation to the next.


Featuring: Various Artists

Authority Collective presents queer artists of color who are re-visioning the lexicon that imagines the queer form: framing it as beautiful, strong, complex and multi-faceted.

Past Tense: California

Featuring: Various Artists

Past Tense: California is the first project from the archival storytelling project of The New York Times.

Photographic Greenhouse L.A.

Featuring: André Feliciano

André Feliciano will present a new Photographic Greenhouse where nature becomes the photographer and we are free to pose without being judged.

Pit Bull Flower Power

Featuring: Sophie Gamand

Pit Bull Flower Power questions the way humans have abused pit bulls while it aims at rebranding these misunderstood dogs and finding them homes.

Puzzled Creatures

Featuring: Claire Rosen

Claire Rosen offers a new perspective on tradition with portraits of creatures photographed against complementary historic reproduction wallpaper popular during the Victorian Era.

Rolling Through Life

Featuring: Jessica Pons

Rolling Through Life shares the portraits and stories of seniors who express themselves physically and creatively through the art of Artistic Roller Skating.

Senior Love Triangle

Featuring: Isadora Kosofsky

A short excerpt of a long-term photo documentary, Senior Love Triangle that shadows three senior citizens in a romantic conflict and questions the nature of relationships and intimacy.

Shaping a Dialogue for Change – A Look Towards the Future in the Present

Featuring: Lluvia Higuera

The Los Angeles based artists featured in this ongoing series of portraits have helped shape art, education, and public space in our city.

Soul R&B Funk Photographs 1972-1982

Featuring: Bruce Talamon

The project is about R&B, funk and soul music as seen through the lens of a young African American photographer at the start of his career.

Ten Years of the ESPN BODY Issue

Featuring: Various Artists

The ESPN BODY Issue. Explore ten years of iconic images, all dedicated to the power of the athletic form.


Featuring: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Testament is a collection of photographs and writing by late photojournalist Chris Hondros spanning over a decade of coverage from most of the world’s conflicts since the late 1990s.

The MASH UP – LA Edition

Featuring: Cey Adams, Janette Beckman, Mister Cartoon, Jules Muck, Maxx 242, Jeff Soto

Photographer Janette Beckman and artist Cey Adams are co-curating The MASH UP. Four West Coast artists were selected to mash-up/paint/remix Beckman’s old school hip-hop photos.

The Newest Americans

Featuring: Sam Comen and Michael Estrin

Sam Comen and Michael Estrin photographed and interviewed dozens of new citizens at two naturalization ceremonies in Los Angeles during February and March of 2017.

The Palace Wild

Featuring: Mimi Haddon

Haddon documents the collaboration where the human figure as armature helps to breathe life into the original stories that the clothing is longing to tell.

There is Only One Paul R. Williams

Featuring: Janna Ireland

There is Only One Paul R. Williams highlights the work of a brilliant and prolific black architect who made a name for himself in pre-Civil Rights Movement America.

This is Los Angeles

Featuring: Estevan Oriol

Estevan Oriol had a lowrider before he had a camera. Lowriding is one of the main reasons he became a photographer.

to live & die in LA

Featuring: David Alekhuogie

In the Pull-Up series, close-up photographs of the waist area become landscape inspired compositions: bands of color formed by shirt, underwear, and low-slung pants.


Featuring: Roger Fishman

The TRANSFORMATION: Water as Art project’s intent is to inspire and motivate us to protect this most valuable resource for life, and to view it in a new light.


Featuring: Haruka Sakaguchi and Griselda San Martin

Typecast is a satirical portrait series addressing cultural stereotypes perpetuated by the entertainment industry presented as a Photo Cube exhibition and day portrait session.


Featuring: Stuart Palley

UNDER THE STARS encompasses explorations of the American West under the night sky, from moon-filled canyons to remote mountaintops devoid of light pollution.

Underground Chefs of South Central

Featuring: Oriana Koren

Interested in the intersection of race, class, and food, Underground Chefs of South Central is an exploration of black culinary creativity and ingenuity.


Featuring: John Moore

Undocumented represents ten years of photojournalism by Getty Images special correspondent John Moore on the issues of immigration and border security.

Viewfinder: The Art & Craft of the Film Still

Featuring: SMPSP Membership

Viewfinder: The Art & Craft of the Film Still offers a glimpse behind the scenes of motion picture sets and the archives of the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers.

Visual Communications: A Celebration of Community

Featuring: Various Artists

This exhibition is an overview of Asian Pacific American (APA) community and activism, as seen through images culled from the organization’s Asian Pacific American Photographic Archive.

Welcome to the Circus

Featuring: Two Bit Circus Foundation & SHWALAMI

We build experiences that showcase the future of fun. In combination with big, fun games that get people playing together, the exhibit will also feature the incredible artwork of SHWALAMI.

With Water, Without Water

Featuring: Various Artists

With Water/Without Water is a group exhibition that collectively tells the story of the importance to California of this vital but limited resource.

Women & The American West

Featuring: Karen Miranda-Rivadeneira, Hilary Swift, Arlene Mejorado, Cara Romero, Karoliina Paatos

A collection of images by Women Photograph members that shows the importance of women as champions and storytellers in the American west—a space where they are often excluded or forced into the background.