Depth of Shadows: Understanding Harsh Light & Shadows Photowalk with Stephen Vanasco

Saturday, April 27th | 5.30PM – 7PM

Location: Meet at the Leica Pavilion


Learn how to use harsh light to add depth to your photos through shadows in a photowalk with photographer Stephen Vanasco. Attendees will learn how to apply shapes and lines behind or with their subject, creating layers to a picture that can often be overlooked. Additionally, attendees will also explore using larger F stops along with various shutter speeds to create that picture.


Stephen Vanasco is a N.Y.-born L.A.-raised photographer. The genesis of Vanasco’s foray into the world of photography came in the form of Skateboard magazines, which he would read in the early 90’s. To Vanasco, these images demonstrated a camera’s power to unleash boundless creativity. Years later by happenstance, he found a job which provided a prime opportunity to learn the art of photography. As Vanasco progressed through his photographic journey, he intertwined his teenage passion for skateboarding with his growing aptitude for making photos in conscious journey of following passion before profit. Vanasco has since explored various forms of photography and is currently the owner of Visual, a skateboard and apparel company.



Controversy and the Art of the Image

SUNDAY, April 28th | 12.30PM - 1.30PM

Melanie Pullen’s talk will cover the taboo subjects that she explores in her work, including the self-imposed boundaries that she adheres to when delving into controversial subject matters and series.

Go Unnoticed: Street Photography Photowalk with Mathieu Bitton

SATURDAY, May 4th | 4PM - 5:30PM

Find the unusual in the ordinary with photographer as you go undercover in a street photography photowalk with photographer Mathieu Bitton.

Keepin’ It Simple Photowalk with Lauren Koplowitz

SATURDAY, May 4th | 2PM - 3:30PM

Let Lauren Koplowitz show you how slowing down & seeing beauty where others many not can create meaningful photos from the mundane.