Featuring: Tim Kopra

Tim’s photography reflects our planet’s beauty from the unique perspective of space. In particular, he found the bright oranges of the cities’ lights striking against the deep black of the night as the lights defined not only the city limits but represented the people back on Earth clustered in communities with tentacles of light to connect with other communities. Photographing cities from space was also very personal for Tim as he chose cities where friends and family lived, linking him with them while he was away. This exhibit includes Los Angeles, as well as New York, Paris, and London.


During his 18 years as a NASA astronaut, Tim Kopra served as a Flight Engineer on space shuttle missions STS-127 and STS- 128, International Space Station Expeditions 20 and 46, and as Commander of Expe- dition 47. Tim lived and worked on the ISS for 244 days and completed three spacewalks. While on board Space Station, Tim and his fellow crewmates executed over 400 experiments related to basic science, human physiology, and new technologies. He also became passionate about taking photographs of our beautiful and dynamic planet. As an engineer and experimental test pilot, Tim has own over 40 aircraft and spacecraft and been responsible for the testing, development, and deployment of aircraft, spacecraft, and spacewalk hardware. Tim is now a Partner of Blue Bear Capital, a venture capital firm investing in companies that apply data- driven technologies to the global energy supply chain.