Abstract City Photowalk with Matthew Nordman × Jenae Lien

Saturday, April 27th | 2PM – 3.30PM

Location: Meet at the Leica Pavilion


Challenge your creativity to make photos unique to your visual signature. The beauty of abstraction relies on the eyes of the photographer. In this workshop, we will focus on finding visual cues that will strengthen your understanding of how design, texture and light play into abstract photography. Attendees can choose to photograph in either black and white or color, but should stick to one mode for the duration of the workshop. The workshop will incorporate a walk, starting at The Avenue of the Stars and circling back to the Annenberg Space for Photography.


Matthew Nordman is a self taught California-born photographer. Previously working as a mechanical engineer with a degree from LMU, he discovered his passion for photography while working at SpaceX. Currently he is focused on fine art and commercial work. You can find him exploring the streets of Los Angeles.





Jenae Lien is an artist based in Los Angeles. She grew up overseas in Indonesia and Japan, and carries a B.A in Theatre Arts from LMU. Street photography is what inspired her to pursue photography as a career. At the moment, Jenae is focused on collaborating with other creatives to produce fine art pieces.